Inserting August 7th

August 7, 2011:

Stone Hills to the West

On August 7th I stretched boundaries of the first area a bit and pulled up mountains so nobody could wander up the edge and stare into the void, maybe see a magic carpet world in the distance with a whole lot of nothing in between.

As I said in my previous post, I wasn’t comfortable that I knew how to use billboards yet.

And I loved the look of these mountains (I think the texture is ‘ravine rock’). They look like river rocks washed completely clean of any soil or gravel. The colours look amazing from the distance.

I also got brave and started using the Windows alt-printscreen function along with paint to copy and paste the screenshots before I got stupid and let them get away.

Then I attempted my first script, couldn’t get it to work, thought I might yell ‘help’ in the forums, read forum topics, found somebody who had already solved the problem. (ya gotta put “game” in the second set of quotes…) And reaffirmed my faith  in fellow developers.

—Around 9 am I had to journey out into the real world for some mundane stuff, had to check on my day job to make sure the videos that were supposed to play at ten am on the local access channel at the cable teevee company I work for were all nicely set up and ready to rock and roll. (and all the switches were in their right places….)

¿-How many of you have worked feverishly all night on web stuff- game building, painting, whatever- and stepped out into the morning and were stunned by a renewed sense of wonder? Everything looked different. I mean, I knew all the real world details had always been there. But dirt in the streets was suddenly amazingly beautiful. People were strangely magical beings (who might not always be in touch with their magic, but it’s there…) I’m lucky I didn’t wander around with my mouth hanging open, gasping at the wonder of it all. Somebody might have thought I was having a stroke and called the ambulance, or thought I was stoned on something chemical and called the police….

So when I got home I plopped down and stared happily into space for a while- then collapsed and slept for several hours.

Well, hey- I got a heckuva lot done in one week. I wonder if this is anything Cooper can use to promote this software?


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TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is the heart of the Aerendel Development Team. We'll tell you about the rest of the team when and if they decide to 'go public'.
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1 Response to Inserting August 7th

  1. antaeuss says:

    I found your blog.while reading over some of HE’s forums. You have just described my last three weeks. Working until dawn, wandering outside to wonder at how beautiful everything is. My team and I are plugging away, currently three and adding a forth. I didnt discover hero engine until about two months ago I ran across it while googling game engine. I couldnt believe my luck. At any rate, thanks for sharing your experiences, I’m enjoying the read.


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