Friday, July 30, 2011:

Upgraded my computer (the wintel computer that now houses my HeroCloud stuff).

-got a spiffier video card that actually supports two monitors instead of the old one that only claimed to.  &

-added a speedier 2 gig memory card to the ram, took out the slower old ones.

plugged it in and, No- I hadn’t shorted anything out or killed any important motherboard circuits.

(( I will probably insert a couple other milestones in here that I don’t want to take the time to look up and catalog right now. I have to take our van to the dealer for some scheduled, they-gotta-do-it-to-keep-the-warranty-in-force type maintenance and replace the rear window wiper some bored kid ripped off and broke some time last week. ))

—Philosophically yours,


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TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is the heart of the Aerendel Development Team. We'll tell you about the rest of the team when and if they decide to 'go public'.
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