Time Line III

HeroEngine 3D : I saw the pre-release ads and wanted in. It was $250.00 for the package in those days. As soon as I had $250.00 saved up I went to buy it and found out it had gone up to $1,000. I shrugged and walked away shaking my head. Maybe life just didn’t wan me to ever get anywhere with this.

HeroCloud :

I had heard about it, read a little about it and figured, “Well, that might be nice, but how the bleep would I pay for it?”


July 19:

2:58 pm:  I got an email message “HeroCloud Briefly Available Tomorrow.” I talked it over with my spouse-ling (and lead artist) (when not working her fingers to the bone or dealing with special needs offspring (Or lost in facebook’s mafia farms and pioneer wars)- she’s taking courses toward a degree in computer science and I got her just infected enough with the MMO bug….) We wondered if this was spam or phishing and she thought it sounded legit-

9:07 pm: After checking my response with my lead artist I fired it off to HeroEnging “Hell, Yes!”

10:26 pm: Cooper Buckingham replied, “Good to see you’re still with us, I will put you in the queue.”

July 20 : (My brother’s birthday)

12:40 am: Cooper notified me, “Your development world is in the queue.”

2:09 pm: Message from Cooper: “If you’re reading this you have been given a world.”

2:10 pm “Woo hoo! We’re in!” sounds like chocolate cake and ice cream time.

9:21 pm: Message from HeroEngine : “HeroCloud Status: Good and Bad News” “We’ve tested our servers and found some minor problems. But Don’t worry, you’ll get your credentials in a couple days.”

July 25:

11:29 am: Message from Cooper: “Your HeroCloud Credentials” I tested the links, downloaded stuff, signed it and it worked.

(((((Yabba Dabba Dooo!)))))

(Time?:) I rolled my first designer character (with the big old gear shaped axe in his hand) and went exploring the two suggested demo areas. Then I started reading the hell out of the on line tutorials and I don’t think I’ve slept much since. (Most people who know me think it’s my allergies.)

July 27: 12:51 pm: Message from HeroEngine:  “HeroCloud Double-Check Again” … (Oh no-) “Please sign in and make sure your connection is still working….” (Yikes!…) signed in, yup, still working….

So um, it wasn’t too long after that I hoped I’d read enough to start trying to develop my first area.

August 1: Don’t know the time. I took my first photo (video actually) with a flip cam (I’ve done most of my work on a Mac, and didn’t trust the ‘wintel’ control-printscreen or alt-printscreen functions) so it wasn’t very sharp, but here it is: (I couldn’t get the second room to connect with the first one yet… hadn’t read that part. Yet.)

"Ya can't get there from here..."

—I’m not the only one here, So I better start signing these… (Ya think?)


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TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is the heart of the Aerendel Development Team. We'll tell you about the rest of the team when and if they decide to 'go public'.
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