TimeLine II

(Not all of this is game related, skip it if you’re in a hurry.)

2002-2005 : My status in Canada was “Visitor”. I had to reapply to stay here every 6 months. I could apply for “Permanent Residence” after a while (I forget how long that was. My sweetie will tell me when she reads this), but meanwhile I couldn’t work (I could be permanently kicked out of Canada if I got caught working or going to school for credit without the proper status. I did a lot of writing and not much spending. Participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month… google it) several times. One of the two 50,000+ word ‘novels’ I finished* was from the universe of my game world. (* The idea was not to have anything ready for the presses and immediate best-seller status, the point was to sit down and do it… write 50,000 words in 30 days and worry about editing it later, which, after enough programming experience to be dangerous, seemed completely counter intuitive, hey- getting through a dozen error messages while trying to compile was bad enough, imagine 10,000 errors if you could compile a novel???)

2005: January 11th, I think. Ex Canadian Prime Minister Jean Cretin’s birthday, and First Prime Minister, John MacDonald’s birthday, too, I believe. I became a permanent resident of Canada and could then get a job and act like a real live human being.

2006: December 6th, I was sworn in as a citizen of Canada (dual citizen, US/Canada). The judge who swore me in was named Cockburn (pronounced, “Coe-Burn”) and looked like he could have been related to Bruce Cockburn, the singer songwriter. We picked up our soon to be nicknamed ‘puppy horse’ Labrador Retriever (“Jassper”) from an animal shelter on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River on our way home from the swearing in Ceremony.

2007? : I stumbled upon Minions of Mirth while looking through google search results under “Free MMORPG”, then followed links and bought the HeroEngine package that was available back then. I got frustrated when nothing I saved would be there after I saved it. I read a couple nasty reviews by disgruntled people (who I now believe didn’t have a clue). They said they couldn’t get the engine to work and believed it had been designed as a complete rip-off. I did not reply to that, I just winced and asked for help a couple times while playing Minions. One guy was going to help me, he lived in Australia, I only contacted him when I saw his account name in the chat,. Life gets complicated, I never did connect with the guy. (Right now I’m thinking the guys who ‘Dissed’ the engine were probably as short sighted as I was at the time and “The only really stupid question is the one you don’t ask-“ & I didn’t ask the right person the right question and probably never learned to simply change from play instances to edit instances. That would explain a lot. But real life is full of [deleted] and rather than bat my brains out against that wall, I found lots of other things to distract and frustrate me until:

(tune in next time, folks for the quantum leap into red eyes and programming/developing breakthroughs with HeroCloud)

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