Messed with Water

August 9, 2011: ((12˚C/54˚F @ 8:15 am, supposed to rain later))

When I got home from work I read an answer from Cooper about how to work with water.  (My rivers are nicely reflective, but the water was like one pixel deep.) He said something about water in the environment panel. That didn’t help. (I thought I remembered you could set the water depth in some kind of box full of controls in the last version I worked with.)

So I entered a search for water/river water depth and found what I was looking for. Part of the tutorial suggested messing with the numbers in the water diffusion control routines. when I tried that I got an error message and had a lot of white river surface. eep. But we persisted and got it back and fixed the depth with one of the compass looking control thingys and here we are… we can go swimming… I think the terrain up at the reservoirs has unexpectedly changed somehow (maybe while I was underground, pushing some upside down mountains back up) and that area looks a bit different… but okay.)

I thought I would have time to mess with scripting, but no, it’s time to drive the jeep to the service department and get the door fixed.



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