Another view of a human Ranger Bard

Thursday morning, August 11, 2011? 15˚C /59˚F @ 8:05 am in the Ottawa area.

I spent an hour creating a new character ( —-> ) because my baby sister complained about my cat faced (morphed) profile photo on facebook. Whatever those blue things on his bard boots are, they are extraordinarily difficult to colour. The come in red and yellow and I’m not particularly fond of red (red hair is fine… clothing the colour of blood doesn’t usually float my boat.)

-Spent another hour, probably, doing stuff with photo shop.

Then I went and changed the profile photo at facebook.

Gaaaaaaaa- I hate facebook.

It wants me to add my highschool and nonsense like that. instead of just telling them where I went to school I said it was stupid that they would ask such an invasive question. That did not show up. If I said I graduated from Phuppedupp High they’d probably print it. Facebook didn’t like the icon I made, it wasn’t 180 pixels or more. So I uploaded a whole screen capture. You’d go blind if I used that for my profile pic. so I went back to photoshop and cropped something out of the full screen version of this photo here. That took maybe an hour.

None of the (should be) boring (as hell) stuff I’ve been doing for the game bothers me one tenth as much as dealing with facebook. Half of their stupid suggestions feel to me like they’re spying on everybody and want to sell your deepest darkest secrets to the mind-rapists who want to control the world. (Sorry, but I’m feeling hyper honest this morning.)

Now I’ve got that off my chest I can get back to work and see what happened to my underground cave.



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