Floating Tree Stumps & characters who look like real friends?

Friday, 12 August, 2011: 25˚C / 77˚F @1:00 pm.

Floating Tree Stumps?

I wanted to put a couple more tree stumps around a camp site. And I thought that if they were all identical it might be boring. But when I tried to use the ‘turn it’ tool, I somehow de-selected the ‘selectable’ option on the stumps. They wouldn’t move at all.

(I got the second one, thinking I’d figure out what I did wrong and be able to move the first. Nope)

((I later pulled a hill up to meet the stumps, might leave the new hill there…. I don’t know.))

Also colorized the outfit worn by one of my builder characters, changed her hair do and thought she looked like one of my friends up here, changed the hair a little more and danged if it didn’t look like my friend’s daughter.

In "Real Life" she doesn't run around with a gear shaped axe ready (Not yet....)...

So I took some time to get a screenshot and crop it and sent it to her.

Maybe she will show up at the door with an axe in her hand, screaming “I am not a cartoon!” or something… (hope not–) everybody’s on edge, everywhere on earth these days. HAARP messing up the earth’s magnetic field? who knows…?


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