Seaport Room, Shamrock Island.

Future Seaport behind builder-ette.

This is the room I was moving when disaster reared its ugly head. (but I didn’t let it get to me…?)

There will be docks behind ‘Angel’ here. Big boats to our left, smaller boats to our right.

We’ll need a warehouse with rats and low level thugs. There will be corrupt constables to worry about. Megrory’s pub or tavern will have to be right on the harbour. ( I think to the west, so everybody will be drinking at the bar facing west.)

There will be Travelers’s Aid reps around to hand out fairly useless armour and weapons; and representatives of various religions and guilds milling about bothering people.

(Place holding buildings where the museum will be).

There will be a big, obvious building on the builder’s left, (our right). ((There will be trees and other scenery about. This is before I finished knocking down mountains and such so characters can actually walk from the beach on the south here to the top of the cliffs on the northern coast.))  The museum will host a lot of ‘statues’ (Statues or NPCs of every know sentient race will be on display) and there will be more guild reps inside, religious types trying hard to refrain from killing each other with religious symbols… people giving good and bad advice to newbies….

Some kind of generic ‘guest’ characters may be wondering around, wondering if they should spend time &/or money? 🙂 to explore the rest of this world. The guests characters would be confined to the island.


Shamrock Island is where many refugees and immigrants stop off on their way to the egalitarian principality of Aerendel. The philosophical Half-Elf Princes who preside there are very much in favour of attracting freedom loving immigrants to develop and defend the place.

The island is shaped like a Shamrock with the museum at its centre, and three more or less triangular leaves jutting out in three directions, and a string of rocky hills, small mountains looking like a stem, protecting the harbour.

I had envisioned the island as being more or less flat when I thought I might be able to design something with a Dungeons and dragons builder’s kit. But this version is a bit more rocky. And while I thought the ‘leaves’ of the shamrock should be cliffs, I didn’t think they’d be as high as what I have at the northern end of the island here.

—more coming.


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