“Burn out today… Burn out tonight….” (Misunderstood lyrics)

Help Arrives!

Shuffles levitates a bush.

Monday, August 15, 2011  20˚C/ 68˚F @ 10:00 am (rained last night.)

And…. since last night….. =—–>

There’s somebody else running around in Aerendel. Yay! One of the first things this character did was plant a bush over near the farm. (Not sure the character even knows a farm is growing over there.)

This is cool and a little scary. (but then of course, it might be solar flare activity frying my nervous system and not anxiety over making this work.)

Guarding the Pass

I don’t know, should we let anybody dressed like that stand guard? (I like the ground cover that’s clinging to the steep hillside.)

-Did more planning than doing so far and yes, I need sleep.

—Until next time…


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TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is the heart of the Aerendel Development Team. We'll tell you about the rest of the team when and if they decide to 'go public'.
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