Blown = Every fuse in my nervous system

Thursday, August 18, 2011  26˚C / 79˚F @1:00 pm.

Spikes just blew the ups off course (snarrr)

& between tomorrow’s Medical procedure (you don’t want to know what they want to check… Help- 😉 ) Solar flares (supposed to make us all think we’re going nuts? It’s succeeded… Supposed to expose the lies every government on earth has been telling in order to control the people they’re supposed to be serving? Wait and see…) and working my tail off. (haven’t seen that darned tail in generations….) Well- I didn’t think there were any unblown fuses left in my pscho-cerebral superstructures / electro magnetic other-dimensional self ((we’re multi-dimensional angels in training, wondering why we can’t fit into the two dimensional definitions of how to be ourselves in this gawdawful three diment-shun-all place….)) body mind soul and spirit… but I guess there were- gaaaaaaaaa-

Mountains, viewed from under water (look the same above water)

But I should be used to functioning with my eyes and ears on fire (hats off to the guy who wrote “morning morning glory….”) (and Mary Travers who sang it so beautifully.)

Ahem “Moving a good sized room around (75×155?) is kind of like trying to move an aircraft carrier through the Lincoln tunnel at rush hour. (I’ve been building caves again)

Cave building- It looks like I will always get interesting effects.

And… I should throw a little bit of colour in today-

Eslyn, guarding the mines with the magic minerals.

Not exactly dressed for battle, unless she uses her feminine wiles to distract opponents.  (default equipment which I recolourized when I discovered I could. The above are not the default colours.)

Yay- I should go sleep until I need to spend the rest of the day/night on the toilet. Doctors should not be pimps for pharmaceutical companies. (grumble grumble)


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