Friday – Don’t ask how today started ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011  19˚C / 66˚F @ 25 o’clock 😉

Moe visits Dave's camp site.

I started today in the hospital’s Day Surgery Unit for an invasive checkup. My favourite step-daughter is visiting and she kept Cathi company while I was out from the time they asked me to turn on my side until I woke up in the recovery room (two hours?) The good news, apparently no signs of the kind of pre-cancerous things they found when they checked my father about…. holy cow… 15-20 years ago?

Now back to business.  Dave’s campsite is really impressive. There’s a butterfly flapping its wings, there’s an interesting shaped river… one little hill. Nothing excessive, it’s like all simply elegant.

Advanced Cave Building

I spent a lot of time last night building a new design for a cave. (I like the previous version and will keep it somewhere, but there were a couple problems and the more I tried to fix the more things went nuts, so I will move that cave somewhere and put this new one in place.)

Moe on Guard- Aug 19, 2011

I discovered the racially morphing beta test panel in the building stuff and Moe, our lovable trouble making orange cat “teleported” into the game world.

When I tried to log in after a long nap (recovering from the above mentioned procedure) the Aerendel Option was “Down” and of course, Moe must have something to do with that, probably called up the dancing cats and had a load of interesting mice imported and then closed down access to programmers and builders so he and his friends could run wild and party till the cows arrive… Hmmm… Cows?

—Enough for today?


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TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is the heart of the Aerendel Development Team. We'll tell you about the rest of the team when and if they decide to 'go public'.
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