Saturday, Cave digging & morphing new races?

Saturday, August 20, 2011.  17˚C / 63˚F @ 9:00 am (Sammie’s Birfday)

Moe was busy digging caves today.

I spent about 18 hours out of the past 24 ‘digging’ a cave to replace the one that wasn’t working, was messed up and maybe beyond help in the game. Ya gotta be meticulous. Ya need 3 rooms / heightmaps to do it halfway convincingly. more than that if you have the kind of nagging problems I ran into. And you have to drag the parts you’re not working on out of the way because anything you do in one part, can screw up any other ‘room’ it’s touching. sometimes in unexpected ways.

I’m not quite finished yet, the outside world is not fully stitched in place.

"Maurina" Not quite an Ottarian-

Maurina is pretty straight forward, whatever race she is, some kind of diminutive elf.

"Daerikk" Human -> Catman -> Little guy

Daerick began ‘life’ as a human, morphed into a cat person, then into a halfling type. He looks pretty scary here.

Rocky the Ymmp

This one began as a human, became a halfling, became a catman and then back to being a halfing type. He looks creepy. This screenshot doesn’t quite capture that.

I also printed out a bunch of tutorials (I retain a lot better reading from paper than from a computer screen.


Yeah, we’re getting somewhere, waiting to hear about about an upgrade to one of ‘our people’s computer & software.

about to collapse-



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