Sunday, Sunday =—->

Sunday, August 21, 2011. (Dottie Shrader’s B’day) -Rain Rain Rain….

This little guy is harmless, but he has a loud bark?

I’m thinking the above character, dreads and all, would be a decent representation of an “Ottahrian” (an Otter Person?) (evolved from otters?) (Playfull to a fault, inquisitive, cuter than bleep…. has claws they can use to pick locks? Not an evil bone in their bodies, stuff just seems to follow them home, no sense of ‘private property’ they share everything with anybody… pretty much.)

Renaard the Faaxen Psi-Ranger?

The above is not as good an angle as I though it was, It shows a decent version of a Faaxen (Fox-Person) without a tail showing, he does have mutton-chops but you can’t see them, his face is pulled forward, as fox-like as any I’ve seen, I was surprised at this.


This would be a Half Elf with elven features prominent.

I think this one would be a half elf with obvious elven features (half elves may look more human than elf or more elf than human…or perfectly balanced in the middle somewhere.)

We stopped everything and brought my step daughter (DreamCat’s Daughter) to the bus so she could go visit her Grandmother in New Brunswick (a 14 hour bus ride from here… an hour earlier in the Atlantic Time zone, I didn’t realize that before, being USAtion by birth I didn’t realize any part of North Amerika was in a time zone ahead of the East coast of the USA.)

—Any way. It’s been a busy weekend. I’m exhausted. 🙂

———Until next time…


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