Busy Day….

((Saturday, early early, August 27, 2011 16˚C/61˚F @ 2:52 am ))

Busy busy yesterday… & Not just me….

Shuffles conjures a wild portal. (It's animated)

(You Can’t see Shuffles ((above)) too well, he’s off to the right and back a bit, below the green and black box hanging in the air. When I took this screen shot he was playing with colours and the size of the field the vortex effected.)

But one of the things that most impressed me today was:

Water flowing downhill

“Shuffles” did some terraforming today, and like this is his second day of building in this area. He figured out how get water to look like its flowing down hill. (Probably read the instructions somewhere, but hey- I’m impressed. I told him to tell his wife she married a genius.)

He wanted his area to be in constant night-time. can’t do that until we read the right scripting tutorial and get that straight, but-

View from the distance-

Lookit this… Waterfall to the left, spiralling vortex just right of lower center. Lamps giving off light. Looks fantastic.



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