Busy Yesterday Part Two

Scary Daerikk.

This guy is scarier than I thought.

Ottarians don’t have a mean bone in their bodies. (But you don’t want to threaten their kids or loved ones.)

The “War Paint” and the Cat’s eyes glowing in the dark might add to the fierce look.

I think he’s part cat person, part halfling and maybe part elf. (Hmmmmmm.)

Absentia Pass just before Dawn.

And here, Daerikk the scary Ottarian (?)  is watching the sun rise through the haze over the future home of Absentia. I figured, as long as I have to break this island up into two areas, I might as well go for four. Absentia is in the eastern “Leaf” of Shamrock Island.

“The Hive” (Sectoid, Drax, and Ghardran Newbie caves) (Anybody with a better name for reptilians than ‘Drax’, let me know….) is in the western Leaf.

I should have taken a screen shot of New Absentia when it looked like a bunch of weird thin balloons reaching for the sky before we levelled off the middle and went crazy with the erosion tools. :

The Northern Leaf is colorized, Green grass in Absentia doesn't show from space.

This is two of the three leaves of Shamrock Island. (third one still in my imagination.) the far eastern tip of Absentia is no longer fragmented like above. The ground gradually slopes down to the ocean. and a big old mountain soars to the sky from the sea, connected to the rest of the island. The north is painted, maybe too much. Ya can’t see the green grass from here… Don’t know whether I should paint the heck out of absentia too.

—We did more, but I’m tired….


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