Sunday. I think everybody I know survived Irene

Sunday, August 28, 2011 – 16˚C/61˚F @ 10 pm  (Step son’s birthday)

Unnerving view behind the curtain?

This is what you see if you ‘fly down’ while building worlds. Some details disappear, like you can’t see the ground the character is standing on and you can’t see details of the surface of the world that are facing away from you. Looks like a lot of floating disjointed plains and hillsides.

Extensive beach work has been done...

Persevaal (sp) is standing near the beach where he did extensive erosion stuff. (and added gravel to the sand so the beaches are whiter than they used to be.)

Almost captures the feel of being there.

The midnight clouds rolling overhead are quite impressive. The character’s face being in shadow is kind of weird (& I still expect the women to have complete clothing malfunctions, but none of them actually have, yet…)

—other than that, Mom called from Alaska (probably while I was in the washroom and didn’t hear the phone.) I called back, she wanted to wish my stepson a happy birthday, but he’s at his grandmother’s enjoying the brunt of what is left of Irene the hurricane, now downgraded to post-tropical storm status.

We heard that the Maya art programme we ordered has been shipped. 🙂

And I had my first run on the repository browser- couldn’t figure out what I was doing, so I have some more reading to do. (Ack?— Nah— I feel pretty good.)

& I managed to find time to meditate after work, so I’m not feeling the pins and needles of the generalized free floating anxiety that I have to have everything done by, like, yesterday….


Azza mattera fact- I’m a whole lot more relaxed in the depths of my being than I’ve felt in quite a while.



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