Monday- Happy Birfday 2 a buncha people.

Monday, August 29, 2011 – 15˚C / 59˚F @ 11:11 pm

The Harbour from Space... Can't see Absentia here

This is after I split off the south from the north. Absentia is in another area. Areas will merge, ‘seamlessly’ (we hope). & I’ll add this to the composite map I have somewhere…

Using Erosion Tools. This is what it looks like while eroding.

This is part way through what I did last night. The rocks straight ahead, middle have been partially eroded. I’m working on the hill to the left. The white lines show the area being effected.

"After" Erosion Processes.

This is from farther south, after so much erosion that the nearly vertical 50 foot cliff line  (or a large stretch of it ) is gone. (Of course, it’s after dark and ya can’t see up the ravines…)

I was stricken while doing this by the idea that the landscape was beginning to look a lot like Peru.

Anyway- I wanted to bring down a lot of the sudden heights to show how the prevailing easterly winds would be forced up to where they slammed into the highest mountains on this island (which is larger than I thought it would be…) causing the clouds to dump a lot of moisture.

I tell ya, I wanna live there….. 😦


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