Thursday, We have children. I built an underwater city.

Thursday, September 1, 2011  –  24˚C/75˚F @ 5:30 pm

One View of Future Mer City/town/village.

At one point I actually called this city “Kelpa”. I think it’s going to need to be smaller than I would have liked. So maybe we should call it an outpost, or trading post or something. I might be able to hint at a larger city with “Billboards”.

It’s all supposed to be inside a watertight crystal dome deep underwater surrounded by forests of huge Kelp/seaweed.

Another shot of the Mer Area

Meanwhile. We drove into Ottawa to pick up the kids at the bus station.

And one more shot of the Mer City/Area.

I haven’t added any sky yet, but it might even look better without one.


—I better go chill-


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