Thursday, Added info to forums

Thursday, September 8, 2011  – 10˚C / 50˚F @ 8:00 am

With the stepson back home I’ve been feeling cramped and kept from doing anything important for the couple hours he’s up and getting ready for school (-high school- he’s 15 years old.) I’ve gone back to bed when he gets up and conked out. Also had day job stuff happening, with my supervisor dropping in for a visit yesterday, I have a list of stuff to do, hard drive to clean up, stuff to archive… oh well…

-Added info about the game here to the Forums, (Cooper posted a topic, ‘Don’t make me post it for you-‘) 😉

I might have posted stuff backward with a ‘this is what we’re doing’ after a detailed ‘pre-history of Aerendel” post.



About aerendeldev

TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is the heart of the Aerendel Development Team. We'll tell you about the rest of the team when and if they decide to 'go public'.
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