Friday’s child is loving and giving. Yup Dat’s me….

Friday, September 9, 2011  –  13˚C / 55˚F @4:30 am…. 25˚C / 77F @ 3:02 pm.

Eslyn (she looks a bit like too many people I know in real life)

I spent a little time today messing around with the face gen stuff that came with the Cloud stuff, Yeah, I know it’s there for us to modify and work into our own character generation routines, but I want to know why two nearly identical characters (at least as far as the face gen and racial modification settings go) look so much different. Eslyn’s freakin gorgeous. The other one isn’t- (…..weird….)

Eslyn exploring the North Leaf of Shamrock Island.

The ground cover texture ‘growing’ up the steep hillsides in the background, (I didn’t do a thing to it…), makes it look like there are huge leafy plants growing up the steep sides of hills at the edge of the playable area here… (that’s part of the explanation for the amount of water on this island… moist sub-tropical easterly winds roll up through the passes and slam into hills and high mountains in the North West here. It works.)

"Angel" staring into the sunrise sky from the North 'Leaf' of Shamrock Island.

“Angel” (is not the ‘not quite so beautiful’ character mentioned above) actually did a lot of work before I started messing around with the face gen stuff and brought Eslyn in. There are settings that I still have to work out in the environment panel, but this looks pretty spectacular. ((Why am I worried about hurting Angel’s feelings if I don’t explain to everyone that she’s absolutely beautiful, too?))

Yay, ((((( Happy Birfday to me….. facebook is loaded with birfday wishes…. )))))

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