Another Map- This one of the whole Aerendel Penninsula

Sunday, September 11, 2011  –  22˚C / 72˚F @ 2:22 pm

Fairly good map of Aerendel. It is connected to Spriteland via a mountainous isthmus.

I actually finished this map last night but I was too tired to post it.

Okay. The domed underwater Mer city I was calling ‘Kelpah” [(Help!) might be Dun Dúlamán (Seaweed Fortification/Castle?) if I can’t come up with something better] The domed city is in a mysteriously becalmed sea. (Wind currents, probably not magic or any kind of curse or anything, but you know how superstitious pirates are…. 😉 )This area is North of Shamrock Island. No self respecting Sea Captains go any near that area if they can help it.

The “Privateer”/Pirate port of Freeport is North and a bit to the East of the Mer city. Here the winds are highly unpredictable and the natural fortifications of “McCorkindale’s Island” make the port pretty much impregnable. It takes expert navigation to get past the rocky islands and reefs  all around the secretly ‘safe’ navigation zone.

Birken is the main port on the ‘mainland’ of Aerendel. It’s not quite as wild and wooly as Freeport. But pirates are welcome there as long as they haven’t attacked anybody flying a flag that proves they are friendly toward Aerendel. Constables and guards in Birken are the private army of the Harbourmaster and he’s a greedy S.O.B. (He’s afraid of the Megrorys and their Tavern is off limits to corrupt guards and constables. ((Megrory’s Tavern is rumoured to be protected by Faer Elf Wizards who love to cast spells that leave constables and guards believing their private parts have been burned off and gives them irresisstible urges to wear frilly feminine corsets while on duty.)) (their cast off armour fetches good prices at the local ‘Faer Market‘ which is also protected by Faeromancy to the degree that Anyone who wants to interfere with Faer Trade can’t find the magicked portals to the market at all. (( It is a very good idea for anybody new to Birken to pay the high prices for Bounty Hunters’ Licenses because the constables and guards will accuse anybody without one of breaking the law and toss them right in the lockup with a host of crazed prisoners who drool over the chance of catching you  asleep.))

Almost straight up the hill from Birken (through the forest, past military outposts, besides the river with its many cascading waterfalls) is the city of Aerendel with its castle and embassies and markets, schools, temples, guild headquarters, political intrigue and all that.

East of Birken is an Ursan fishing village. On hot days most of the Ursan men can be found happily sitting in the cool waters, not doing much, possibly trading jokes and singing raunchy songs to each other while their women gather in small groups to discuss lofty subjects like, ‘how do we get the lazy sonofaguns to actually take out the garbage’ or maybe trade the latest wild magick spells, some of which have actually been known to get the Ursan males to pick up their own dirty clothes, maybe even do the cleaning… Many Ursan males are proud of their building skills and ideas and can be tricked into becoming productive by anyone who approaches them with questions about how their favourite housing design innovations could actually be implemented.

West of Birken is Three Rivers (one river is underground). Three Rivers has the dubious distinction of being near a haunted forest where Nasty creatures from the dark side and soldiers of the Krim Alliance emerge and attack anyone and anything in sight. The city is a fortress with a mixture of Human, Forest Elf, Half Elf and ‘other’ citizens, especially Rangers, who protect its immediate surroundings and often venture off beyond safety to try to close down the dark portals to the places that crazy old aunts and grandmothers describe in lurid detail to scare the living bejeezles out of children.

It is rumoured that the heavily guarded underground city of “Ymmperia” is somewhere west of Three Rivers. Ymmps seem to venture forth from that area, but none of them will tell anybody where their fabled city actually is, which many non-Ymmps find strange, because Ymmps love to brag and show off. I guess there are some things that they actually take seriously, though.

There is an area that is the domain of ‘friendly’ Dark Elves. Roving bands of nomadic dark elves enjoy the freedom of going anywhere they want, any time they want after centuries (maybe longer) of slavery to the Krim.  (The “Krim” are an ‘alliance’ of Ghardra, Sectoids and Drax who have sworn to push the ‘Elves and their pale skinned relatives’ into the sea, or into a volcano if they can find one. Renegades from many other races are tolerated. Rock Trolls are sometimes used to terrorize their enemies. Gremlins aren’t interested in furthering any body else’s agendas-) The Dark Elves guard their lands fiercely and may not actually trust any outsiders, with the exception of the Khatzen, who they honour as their liberators.

Closer to Aerendel from the Dark Elf Lands is Hidden Valley, the Ottarian settlement that is hidden behind a tunnel beneath a waterfall somewhere. The housing was all chiseled out of solid stone by Delvahrians after an ‘army’ of Ottarians saved the Delvahrian race in a crucial battle against the Krim Alliance. ((Delvahrians believe the Ottarian Race is incapable of hard work and maybe can’t even concentrate well enough to plan anything. The homes in this valley are tributes to Delvahrian ingenuity, with indoor plumbing, running water, secret escape tunnels in case of siege…))

The Faaxen Lands are North of the Dark Elf Lands. {It is best to travel through the Dark Elf Lands with a Dark Elf Caravan, (keep all your valuables hidden or pay them enough to make it worth their wile, but not so much that they believe you’re ripe for the picking) or go around…} Most Faaxen towns are very well fortified and have an intricate network of tunnels below ground that connect most homes with caches of weapons and escape tunnels to highly defendable positions, often in the hills and cliffsides around their towns and villages.

The vast Majority of Forest Elves live in the deep forests north of Hidden Valley. These forests are also populated by many creatures from the Faer Kingdoms and this fact helps keep the Krim at bey- Most Krim are terrified of Faeromancy (They’d rather be killed outright than face the idea of living the rest of their lives wearing innapropriate clothing and kissing anyone of the ‘wrong’ sex.)

Khatzen Lands are in the extreme North West. Near where the mountainous Isthmus of Chiella connects Aerendel with the Mainland. North and East of the Khatzen Lands (beyond a mountain range) is a ‘Wasted Wilderness‘ that has seen roaming bands of Krim who routinely burn vast sections of the forest up there. (Some say they can’t stand the sight of happy living things, some say they’re afraid that tree dwelling sprites can hide in the branches and unleash strong light-based spells which destroy the ‘integrity’ and discipline of their fearful slave armies.)

North of the city of Aerendel and a bit to the east is the ‘Highe Elf‘ City of Cerulena. Cerulena is a Centre of Learning with many institutions of higher studies.

South and East from Cerulena are the Cliffs of the Qaeglan Aeries. The winged Qaeglans saw the cliffs and immediately knew that’s where they wanted to make their ‘temporary homes’ when the Princes of Aerendel welcomed them to settle here after they’d been driven from their home world by Sectoids (after the Qaeglans had welcomed the ‘homeless’ Sectoids into their territories) The Aeries ‘looked like home’ to them.

Sprite Lands” are the thriving old growth forests from Aerendel to the Ursan Territory to the East, North-East to the Aeries and North to Cerulena.

Delvahria” is a series of mines between Cerulena and the Wasted Wilderness of the North East. The area is rich with minerals, including Gold, Silver, and many magical crystals. The Delvahrians are constantly on guard against the Krim, whose tunnels sometimes connect with Delvahria. They are also quite often chagrinned to discover their mines connect to ‘incomprehensible’ stretches of the Faer Kingdoms. (“It just isn’t right that they should have sun shining a hundred meters underground!”)

Just beyond the horizon to the south west of what might be ‘Ymmperia’ lies an Island where ‘modern’ Aerendelians first made contact with the Mer after bad blood between the Mer and a Half Elven ‘King’ from a distant kingdom had led to the Mer Ruler’s sealing off the Domed City, forbidding any of his subjects to go beyond its confines.

The Mer had actually become a ‘Rumoured Race’ since nobody had seen any (that they knew were Mer) for hundreds of years. But Mer from settlements all around the planet hurried to Aerendel’s defense when a particularly strong and nasty Ghardran Arch Mage pulled together an immense army of Krim warriors and nearly overran the principality. Mer Island became the birthplace of the “Free Mer Republic” which immediately formed strong bonds of mutual defense with the Principality of Aerendel.

((& that’s a whole lot more than I expected to write here today-)) 😮


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