Hills North Of Birken

Saturday, Septembre 24, 2011  –  21˚C / 70˚F @ 12:30 pm

Doesn't show a lot, but this is after a lot of work on the hills North of Birken

Disappointing news about governments squeezing budgets and hurting economies yesterday. No I didn’t bury myself in building game worlds to make up for it, but I did get a bunch done. Birken itself now has its original area all to itself. I’m going to see how far I can go, building the mainland and then separating the areas into discrete sections. This one would connect Birken with Aerendel and contain an important fort along the way.

Still a lot to do up in the hills, but this a shot of the way up there-

A little more gets done every day. I sometimes need to stop and take a long look at the ways things are shaping up.

After Dark, but this is a bit of a sort of plateau before the final bit of a climb to Aerendel Proper.

I’m not sure what I’d call this, bit of level area at the top of the first climb and before the last bit of climb into the Capital City of Aerendel.

And this is a final shot from where stores and warehouses will dominate the harbour.

You can just barely make out the eastern edge of a place holding building where a warehouse and a couple stores will dominate Birken’s Harbour. In the distant future those hills will be dotted with houses and businesses, but for now, they’re just beautiful.


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