I Been Busy…

Friday, August 24th, 2012. 20˚C/ 70˚F up here in the North @ something like 9 am Eastern time.

Fences and Trees in the sky?

Uh- Well the above is what you get when ya can’t figure out how to select stuff that refuses to be selected.

I’ve been reading up on “Seamless 2.0” and it sounds to me like developers at the cloud/engine took a look at what I was doing and said, “OMG-” And then some new guy took a look at it and said, “Oh that’s no problem at all, here’s what ya need to do…”

Meanwhile, I have my Island split into at least 5 areas that really should oughtta fit together almost seamlessly, but dang, it’s so big when it’s all in one piece that it takes forever for simple movement (turns and ‘Forward!’ etc.) commands to register.

((( I had decided to try to build it all as one area and split it up into manageable pieces later- )))

—But— These fences and trees refuse to be selectable. I’ll probably find out how to fix this as soon as my brain wakes up from whatever dendrite saving shut down scheme it’s currently involved in…

And, on other fronts…


The above is supposed to be part of a city below the sea. My Mer breath air, not water and their city is inside a big crystal sphere with its fiercely guarded entrance way down below the surface, below the rest of the sphere- over an oxygen bubbling vent that keeps their air fresh and all that. But, because ‘Wild Portals’ have always been a part of this game, people pop in here and there unexpectedly. Very psychic Mer Psionic guardians and wizard types redirect their unexpected guests to an area where they probably won’t find their way into trouble (or large amounts of food or valuables.) If the Mer there decide they can trust you, well, they’ll come into the area they use as a trap and portal you out to another section of their city.

I think when my world was ported over to its current cloud server from its previous home, something went wrong, because there’s this weird white area just above the characters’ head(s).

You can fly up through the white and find the rest of the area, hovering up there….

The Sky didn’t fall…. But???

—and see something like this (the mountaintops rise and fall from the white as you rise or fall…)

———I decided that it might be better to create a new area than waste any more time trying to see if I could find anything in a properties panel or anywhere that I could change to fix the white horizontal tear in the Mer City’s tourist trap (whatever it is) —I did find the neat new tools that make it much easier to change the colour of your fog and mess with ambient lighting instead of the 3 point system… (I work producing videos for a local cable provider so I know all about 3 point lighting to make humans (and other beings?) look normal on television sets…. and maybe therefore they look okay in computer monitors?) (but the ambient lighting is really cool. I tossed in a deep blue fog and ambient lighting, messed with the diffuse colours and well— — —

Mer Person in Mer ‘unwanted tourist trap’.

Minou had her hair tinted lighter for the occasion, but this is what she looks like in the weird lighting in the “underwater ” area.) The light eyes light up nicely here. (I fiddled with a couple characters and messed with the light settings and decided this is probably the best- but I’m thinking it might be cool to keep several instances around to reflect odd things going on above the sea, like red and yellow light when some wizard sets the sea on fire?)

———Oh, another thing. Maybe it was the fact that something may have been wrong with the original underwater area- I had the Disappearing Character Syndrome. I tried to bring in other characters and they were invisible too, even in the clean engine landing zone.

I had to exit and restart the blade. Then the characters were more or less stable. (I mean, how stable can any cartoon be? —Running around with a huge gear shaped weapon like thingy in their hands?) If a cartoon came up to me on the street, even one half dressed like these knockout characters here, I don’t think I’d stick around long enough to read the name over their heads or ask them what the gear shaped axe is good for…… would you?)


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