Gardening The Hard Way—

———Sunday! (Morning @ 10:18 am) 25˚C / 77˚F Somewhere in the ‘Real World’ near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I spent about 14 hours moving shrubs around in my virtual world.  😦 😉

Selected bush above broken area…

—Those are shrubs flying above the fogged out mountains and hills there.

* After I’d broken off a chunk of my pre-seamless over-large area and saved it as it’s own area. ((Create New Area. Import old area. Delete everything you don’t want-)) (((Then find out you can’t delete about a hundred shrubs??? And Half a dozen fences???)))

*** I actually managed to seamlessly connect (2.0?) a silly newbie quest area to the far south of “Shamrock Island” (began as an experiment. Ravine rock with big leafy ground cover looking like something that washed up after a hurricane) The quest zone is mostly water (with deep underwater canyons, —visually, more interesting underwater than on the snaky weird shaped island that looks like causeways would disappear at high tide.) — It took a real long time to finish and/or save this newly connected version. And before it was internally finished (I’m guessing) we got that really scary flashing visual series of exploding video that looks like maybe you’ll get an error message and “Oops, you crashed, you’ve been discoed….” batch of big red letters across the sky? ———But—— since the only way to get from the quest island to the south end of the bigger island was to swim, I managed to get my builder character to swim backward out of the exploding flash (would make a decent wizard spell effect, ya think?) and swim to another spot where he could run up out of the water (looking very dry…. hmmmm- —note: script a temporary ‘wet mess’ routine yum….) ***And, after a little more tweaking with the smudge tool/slope option… the exploding video effect was gone.

——— However- There still is a weird problem- when trying to jump into water in a couple spots you get a character playing deja vu all over again, running the same couple yards in the same direction over and over until you tell him to turn one way or the other and run around on dry land instead of going for another swim?

—But— After this successful seamless fusion I still had about a hundred bushes floating in space where they refused to be deleted. I read up on how to select things that didn’t want to be selected and these suckers still didn’t want to be selected. (( The “\-Click” routine did not work at all. In fact, at one point, I missed the “\” key and hit the “delete” key instead and killed the heightmap I wanted to hang onto until I’d deleted everything on it.

So then I opened a whole window (narrow and tall, but all by itself) for “Assets” and learned how to manually change the “Properties/Transform” setting for ‘Movable’ from False to True for a hundred bushes (SpeedTree Folders) and a dozen other things (various Model folders)

And then I had to select each now movable bush by clicking on its Instance in the instances folder under the Room folder for each room that had an instance that didn’t want to be selected or moved. They now say they are selectable and movable, but they ignore mouse clicks and back slash mouse clicks, and were just plain grumpy. (At least one of my ‘Healer’ builder characters dresses in green and must be a radical tree hugger. I’ll blame him.)

———We had a break about 3:30 to 5:30 as we drove to Kanata to pick up my step daughter at the Borders Store after she’d survived a 14 hour bus ride from Grammie’s in New Brunswick and spent the morning with the love of her life who is hanging out with his mother for the Ottawa Greek Fest. They had some kind of classy family dinner that somebody planned at a classy restaurant at a classy Quebec Resort-Like Hotel and it was too late to add her to the guest list or something. ((She did not seem to be crushed. Maybe she’s good at hiding her disappointments?)) Any way….

I started messing around with the virtual gardening here at something like 5 am and finished up at something like 11:30 pm I figure I spent 14 hours actually working on moving bushes and changing settings and the rest of the time dealing with cats that want to claw my arm off for not devoting 150% of my attention to them… dogs who threaten to eat cats or pee on the door if I don’t let them out, bark the neighbours to death if i don’t let them back in, and dazed rides to Kanata to happily pick up my favourite step daughter and shake hands with her (might be taller than me?) boy friend.

———It’s 11:11 am.——

“After” looks something like this.

———I really would have rather deleted all the bushes and added 3 bushes later (one of each type) and then added clones of those 3 originals. That’s supposed to be easiest on the servers.

—And, now, because intelligent minds want to know:

Properties,Environment,Area,Undo (Makes for a good unsave-able log of what you’ve just done?) Assets, Terrain w/tools and Organizer, (to the left of the main monitor) Panels.

—That’s the “During” Screen shot.

&& ———>

“Ooops #nnnnnnnnX”

———This was the fairly spectacular screen that greeted me after I accidentally deleted the heightmaps I and wanted to keep around until I got rid of the bushes… which refused to go away quietly…




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