Good News / Bad News…

—3:56 pm Sunday, August 26th, 2012.

*** Good News : I found out how to delete shrubs through the Assets Panel when they won’t delete through normal commands. ((Ya click on the Instances Link below the instances window inside the Assets Panel- then click on the “Remove Instance” link from the pull down menu that appears.)) So this could have saved me about 13 hours yesterday…. but-

And then the grumpy news:

Disco at the Seamless Seam.

—Connected another area (the “Hubb” Area… connected it to the southern most part of the island. Disn’t go as smoothly as the first connect. a couple heightmaps got confused and ended up in the wrong places. And after “Edit Offset” I couldn’t move the errant heightmaps. I kept changing the “False to True” beside Movable in the properties panel and it kept reverting to false.

So I logged out and back in to the newly connected areas and running around, discovered a gap that would be less than a foot (? Imperial measurement… guess on how it looked compared to the character?) and tried to blend the two heightmaps together a couple different ways, was going to run back and see if the buggy heightmaps were still unmovable or what. But first I thought I’d run across the border from where I was…

Tried to make the seam look better in a couple places as I ran- (Or had the builder character run) -Then ran from one section to another (where the path should connect nicely from the old section?) uh, the newly connected area vanished for a second and I tried to cross over anyway and got discoed. Haven’t been able to sign into any of the newly linked areas at all since. Maybe I should let the game zone go to sleep and try again later?



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