Wednesday? September 5?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012.

We’re not having the connectivity problems we had Yesterday. The latest characters From Doug are here…

Mer Guy In Under Water Sphere.

This is pretty darn close to what I was hoping for. Mer have large foreheads (Like Dophins, they can stun their prey…. If they really work at it.) and large chests (extra chambers in their lungs re-oxygenate their blood so they can stay underwater for up to an hour between gulps of air.)

Close up on the Mer Guy out of water 🙂

Mer are Psychic. They need to submerge, or at least be in water, preferably salt water, or they become dehydrated and go crazy.

I want them to have wild hair colours and styles. And I thought shimmering skin would be a good thing.

Mer Guy with the building for scale?

Did I mention that this guy looks like a show-off? Heck, He’s young and he spends a lot of his time swimming. Let him show off.


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