A Forest Elf:

Forest Elf Guy.

The ears are a little too much, and he looks way too much like members of my real life human family… But wow, again.

Forest Elf in a greener background.

My vision of Forest Elves has them a bit more robust than “Highe Elves” (and I may call them something other than Forest Elves (I had thought of “Silvari” or “Silvani”).

All racial names are pretty much tentative as we’re building.

‘Highe Elf” guy.

‘Highe Elves’ are a whole lot less interested in brute force than magick. But they also brag that they’ve never been conquered. Doug said he gave this guy some kind of Warrior armour. It looks pretty good, but I’m guessing it’s not iron or steel. Maybe enchanted something or other.

Closer shot of the Highe Elf.

The ears are almost okay on this guy, Highe Elves or whatever I end up calling them do have the characteristic pointed ears, but not quite this pointed.


{{ Edit Early Morning September 8, 2012 Raining pretty hard up here near Ottawa…}}

After Both Doug and I thought the face above was a little too thin and weird looking, he went back and messed with the character a little more to come up with:

Highe Elf W/Face Fixed?

Doug widened this guy’s face and lengthened his nose and did a couple other things that make him a little less weird looking… I think so, anyway.


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