New Races Attempted

Early Early Ayem of Saturday, September 8, 2012. 18˚C /64˚F @3:33 am near Ottawa.

Doug has been busy.

An Ymmp! I had pretty much given up on this for now, but Doug figured it out, with what we have before we really get started on that stuff.

Like I said above, Doug figured out how to ‘create’ an Ymmp after I’d given up thinking we could even attempt that stuff at this point in time.

The tail isn’t quite right, and we need to come up with skin textures, but hey- This is cool.

Ymmps are supposed to have short, stubby tails that are strong enough so they can sit back on their tails and rock back and forth. They have thick skin and can change the texture at will from soft to tough, and as they get older, their hide gets tougher.

But look what’s next:

Gremlin. A real live Gremlin 🙂

Again, the tail isn’t quite right and the skin needs to have some weird colours and textures… but WOW! This is fantastic. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gremlin without the hat. This character has quirks and cannot be the final product (Look at the neck). But I’m amazed and yes, Doug’s on the right track.

Cathi says this guys’ facial expression looks like Moe’s (our cat) when we tried to give him a bath.


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