I’ve been thinking a list of cities and their features needs to be here:

Shamrock Island: Would be the Newbie friendly, start your adventure here place. (Needs a Museum full of representations of all the sentient races available in the game. Docks, Warehouse, Megrory’s Tavern on the Wharf. Representatives of every guild, race and Religion would be there, Chapels to all the Religions, Merchants’ Shops and bazar. Some guilds might share medium-large buildings. There should be quests, like “Find your way from the museum, up the western side of the island here, to the training grounds.” rewards would be level gains and better armour & weapons)

Birken or Birkenport: Is a slightly more dangerous place but the dangerous areas are clearly marked… Another city where low level characters emerge into the world. Scenarios? Newly arrived characters are knocked unconscious and robbed, then thrown in jail by corrupt Constables and need to find their way out, or trust seedly looking npcs to help them escape. Quests: find the corrupt constables in charge of selling Bounty Hunter Licenses. Bounty hunter licenses are legalized bribes that keep you out of jail and let you kill and rob npcs inside city limits. Features? Megrory’s Tavern again, not quite identical to the one on Shamrock Island, Docks, warehouses, Jail, Travelers Aid Society, Temples,  Stores and Inns, Guild offices- (where you can train/get new skills) w/important npcs who can offer quests, get you in or out of trouble…

Aerendel: Way up the hills from Birken. Capital city of the principality of Aerendel. Egalitarian Princes live there. Court intrigues are hatched, discovered and dealt with. Features: Castle (Large, with many floors and deep deep basement/dungeons. Somewhere down there are hidden entrances to the Anomaly.) Other features: Market Place w/friendly and not so friendly merchants. Residential district where players might first discover that if they stick around a while they can buy or build their own home.

Absentia: (We changed the name to Absentia from ‘Oblivia’ after somebody thought that “Oblivia” was probably copyrighted by Pokemon. DreamCat thought it would be great to tell a friend, “I’ll be in Absentia, meet me there…”) The area is peace-bonded (you can’t attack anyone within city limits.) The city is planned to be more a hang-out for artists and developers who want to show off their latest creations. It may also be a place to hold group events like concerts, lectures, meetings… were people would want to get together with friends and enemies and not worry about being killed in the middle of a discussion with anybody.

Cerulena: Cerulena is a Highe Elf University town.

Fidaria: Fidaria is a region more than a city. It is a zone ‘owned’ by Dark Elves.

Hidden Valley: is an Ottarian settlement hidden behind a cave that is hidden by a waterfall somewhere. There are swimming, diving games to gain swimming experience, underwater treasure chests to open with Ottarian claws as lock-picks to gain thief/bard/adventurer experience. Other Features include a cliffside peppered with Sprites’ homes (which are too small for larger creatures to enter.) Ottarian Homes ‘hewn into the living rock’ by Delvahrians in appreciation for Ottarians saving a great many Delvahrians in a decisive battle in a prolonged war that was not going well. (Delvahrians believe that Ottarians’ “Inferior Constitutions” make it impossible for Ottarians to perform “normal hard work” and Ottarians are happy to perpetuate this belief.

Three Rivers: is a Forest Elf-Half Elf-Human fortress community at the edge of the ‘civilized world’ where there is constant danger of Ghardran-Sectoid-Drax (“The Krim Alliance”) attacks.

Underwater City: Mer city inside a crystal sphere underwater where only they can swim in and out of (there will be teleportation stations for others)

Wilderness: Friendly camps and enemy camps.

Ghardran Caves: is an area where Ghardra begin their lives and where massive armies are raised to march out and conquer the world for the honour of whatever Ghardran Rulers are behind their latest dreams of glory and conquest.

The Anomaly: In some places it’s a cave, in some places it’s a corridor with doors that might open anywhere. In some places it’s a full blown forest with Faer Creature settlements and cities.

Faaxen Fortress: another fort- this one in a canyon and with many of the houses and other buildings connected underground by escape tunnels. Some tunnel rooms contain areas where Faaxen wizards and wild magickers come together to study and increase their skills. Some areas have Faaxen who have lost their minds and are a danger to themselves and others.

The Mines: Delvahrian caves, where Delvahrian Clerics are just as likely to break into fist fights over finer points of religious doctrine as discover rich veins of gold and more precious minerals.

Draxia: Drax community.

The Hive: Sectoid area.

The Keep: A timeless, abandoned prison with extensive areas inside, below and above the walls. Ghostly spectres and monster rats.

Eslyn and Daelen: Sea port and mountain communities that will be expanding. (Adventurers can acquire property and build their own homes (or have the builders’ guild build it for them).)

((( I need to go and do some real world work for real world money, I’ll continue this later…)))

~~~~~Jim ( Aug 21, 11:11 pm 😉 )  ~~~~~ (Second Edit August 23, 6:23 am 🙂 )

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