Mythology & Religion:

The ‘First Race’ first populated much of the material universe eleven million years (or more) ago. The Original members of the First Race were very highly evolved individuals who, through Spiritual means, were able to assemble their own bodies by using the molecules of anything around them. They experimented with all kinds of materials and all kinds of shapes and sizes and  millions of variations on appearance. The First Race then took a part in altering any inhabitable worlds to make them more hospitable and more likely to sustain life.

When things were ready, the Original First Race used their Spiritual means to construct bodies for ‘Younger’ Spirits.  Some of the ‘Second Generation’ of the First Race were able to evolve rapidly, to become nearly as powerful as the Originals. Not all of them had all the Wisdom of the Originals. In the ‘space’ of several million years, younger and younger spirits were invited into the Material Universe to enjoy life as a member of the First Race. Gradually, almost all members of the First Race still in the material universe resorted to sexual means of reproducing. Members of the later generations of the First Race could not, Spiritually, build a body for any Spirit, deserving or otherwise. {{‘Adam and Eve’ (on Earth) were symbolic of the first wave of very young souls to graduate (through reincarnation) up the food chain from the animal kingdom. }}

Sprites and Elves (and, Possibly, Ymmps ((if you can believe anything they tell you)) ) were around for a couple million years while the First Race was still in Power.

Troubles began when ‘younger spirited’ members of the First Race demanded knowledge that they believed some of their contemporaries were withholding from them.

Polarities evolved. Many members of the First Race believed that Evolution (on a personal, as well as planetary basis) was the only reason that any of the three or four* universes exist (*Material, Astral, Causal, and possibly ‘Beyond’) (‘Beyond’ may or may not be an entirely ‘un-manifest’ universe. Those who have been there don’t do a lot of explaining. I might listen if they told me what goes on over there, most people wouldn’t care.)

Anyway, many of the ‘Evolutionaries’ began calling themselves “Children of the Light”.  Some of the less highly evolved subscribed to the impression that the Children of Light were just as worldly and ambitious as they were, and they [the Children of Light] had banded together to strengthen their own positions as well as to increase their ability to achieve and hold on to power. A few of these individuals banded together and formed an association that later became “The Brotherhood”.

When the Brotherhood believed they were strong enough to make their demands and achieve results, things got a little testy.

After a couple million years of escalating disagreements, a few of the Brotherhood’s flashier members changed their shapes into those of Dragons and began attacking, either members of the Children of Light, or the ‘weaker creatures’, which  some of the ‘Children’ were nurturing. When things got worse some members of the Children of Light took on Dragon Forms (opting for lighter coloured skin and wings) and engaged the Brotherhood in serious combat. Skirmishes became battles.  Battles led to wars. The wars became intense.  Periods of Peace became shorter and farther between.  During “The Last Wars of Magic” whole planets were blasted to bits (the Asteroid Belt?).

If you read the section on the Anomaly you heard about Shanti, a young, but highly evolved member of the First Race, who, along with others, refused to take sides. She and her friends became more and more alarmed at the very real possibility that the belligerents on both sides of the final conflict were capable of obliterating the entire Material Universe to prove a point. Shanti and some of her friends ‘built’ the Anomaly and began ‘churning the ethers’ trying to call for help from the higher Universes. The last few battles were so incredibly destructive that most of the survivors wanted nothing more to do with any world in which such a waste of lives and environment was possible. Many dissolved their bodies or killed themselves. A handful stayed around to guide (or influence or manipulate) the emerging ‘younger’ races.


To quote Shanti: “Religion should be the study of Reality or Truth , Ultimate Reality or Ultimate Truth.”

Religions developed among the younger races. Some of them called members of the First Race ‘gods’. Some of their ‘gods’ took to that role with enthusiasm.

Religions (or Sects) formed among many who believed their ‘paths’ would lead them to Heaven (or ‘Earthly’ Power).

These Religions evolved into what they are today.

Some followers of some Religions (or Sects) believe the Founders of their Sects or Religions are gods. Some believe their particular favourite is the only true god and all others are pretenders. Some believe the Founders of the Various Sects were just as apt to make mistakes as anyone else. Some believe there is a Father (or Mother) God (with or without a beard) sitting around in the clouds somewhere, keeping track of everything down here. This version claims that God created everything, including the First Race, including the Founders of the various Religious Paths.

The Short Version:

There are atheists in this world.  Nobody has to ‘Worship’ anybody or anything. Nobody has to acknowledge any form of Divinity.

There are agnostics and dabblers. Characters can join and unjoin any Sect at any time. (There may be benefits, not always obvious, in belonging to one Sect or another. These benefits may be permanent or may disappear if a follower breaks ties with the Sect. (This probably depends on the Founder, or any Saintly and/or Powerful, practitioners or Spiritual Personalities and/or Forces allied with the particular Sect which any particular follower may be dissociating from.)

Active Religious Sects:

The Path of Magic, Founded by Chee. (Stresses intelligence and the study of Magic).

The Way of Nature, Founded by Gi or Giya (or both) (or they may be two forms of the same personality, one female (Giya) the other male. (Stresses the protection and nurturing of all creatures and all of Nature.) (Followers are encouraged to trust Nature and taught to develop their senses).

The Path to Riches and Comfort, Founded by Koerz. (Nicknamed ‘The Church of Conspicuous Consumption’) Not everyone considers this a legitimate Religion. (Stresses the acquisition of Wealth) (May be a front for the Thieves Guild.)

The Way of Law and Order, Founded by Darryl. (Stresses strict enforcement of the Law, can be a bit fuzzy about what that means.) Followers are encouraged to ‘beef up’ and develop their muscles.

The Way to Power and Gratification, Founded by Zar or Zarina. Zar may have been Zarina’s twin. Zar/Zarina may have been a transvestite, a shape shifter who dabbled in being a member of both sexes, or one or more personalities whose identity or identities have been confused over time. (Zarians believe in obtaining Power any way they can get it. They believe in enforcing laws on ‘fools and weaklings and low-lifes’ to give themselves as much advantage as they can get. They believe in bribing, cheating and even murdering their way around trouble.)

The Path of Harmony and Poetic Justice, Founded by Li. Followers of this Path are drawn to music and most forms of Art. They might not ‘worship’ beauty, but they enjoy it whenever they can. (Most Followers of this path study music and other forms of self-expression. They are not considered to be the most practical people on the planet. But most of those you would think might be tempted to take advantage of these ‘dreamers’ will think twice if they notice a tattoo in the shape of a musical note or a musical instrument on the forearm of anyone who might follow this path. Popular Mythology places a lot of credibility into the concept that Li may have been The Avatar of Good Luck. Or maybe the love of music attracts forces that ‘get even’ for the musicians they believe have been wronged.)

The Path of Hatred, Fear and Death, Founded by GaaKrell. Many do not consider GaaKrell to be anything more than a “Stupid Ghost- Him think he can call hisself a god and make it so.”  GaaKrell manifests his favours and rages in a seemingly random fashion, rewarding small favours with lavish attention one moment and ignoring the cries of his ‘servants’ the next. Most Ghardra follow this ‘Religion’.

The Way of Peace, Love and Freedom, Founded by Shanti. (Stresses Understanding) Oddly enough, the ‘peaceniks’ attract a large number of strong and dangerous Priests, Healers and ‘Questors’ who dedicate their strength and talents to protecting the weak and helpless.

The Path of Fate, Founded by Xein. Xeinists believe that all experience is to be understood and seem to have a lot of faith in the possibility that all paths lead to Heaven (or Enlightenment, or Nirvana, or whatever is waiting for them). Xeinists seem to be happier and healthier than most.

 See Also: History & The Anomaly

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