More Races Depicted:

This guy’s a “Delvahrian”.

Doug gave us a Delvahrian, (I don’t want to call them Dwarves.) They all belong to the miner’s guild. They have fist fights over the finer points of their chosen religious views. And they came pre-loaded in the demo game software.

I built an area for forest elves. It looks like it might be a good place for miners. That’s where this guy is standing. We added some grass, trees and shrubs today…

Doug rolled us up (and tweaked) a Forest Elf Woman in a rather modest ‘doublet’.

Forest Elf Woman. In the same area as the Delvahrian above. Well, she’s across the river.

Working name for this area is “Vallhalla Valley”.

The Delvahrian guy is most of the way up the green hill, up near the shrubs.

And Volffe came in to do some gardening….

I thought I was doing good when I managed to make this guy look like a half elf.

And it’s fun to show off… Catya updated her ‘blade’ to come in and see what we’ve done lately.

Catya standing guard while Volffe is doing something in the bush behind her.

And the last screen shot for today…

Water Sports?

Too bad we don’t have musical instruments. Catya’s got a really nice voice. 🙂


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New Races Attempted

Early Early Ayem of Saturday, September 8, 2012. 18˚C /64˚F @3:33 am near Ottawa.

Doug has been busy.

An Ymmp! I had pretty much given up on this for now, but Doug figured it out, with what we have before we really get started on that stuff.

Like I said above, Doug figured out how to ‘create’ an Ymmp after I’d given up thinking we could even attempt that stuff at this point in time.

The tail isn’t quite right, and we need to come up with skin textures, but hey- This is cool.

Ymmps are supposed to have short, stubby tails that are strong enough so they can sit back on their tails and rock back and forth. They have thick skin and can change the texture at will from soft to tough, and as they get older, their hide gets tougher.

But look what’s next:

Gremlin. A real live Gremlin 🙂

Again, the tail isn’t quite right and the skin needs to have some weird colours and textures… but WOW! This is fantastic. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gremlin without the hat. This character has quirks and cannot be the final product (Look at the neck). But I’m amazed and yes, Doug’s on the right track.

Cathi says this guys’ facial expression looks like Moe’s (our cat) when we tried to give him a bath.


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A Forest Elf:

Forest Elf Guy.

The ears are a little too much, and he looks way too much like members of my real life human family… But wow, again.

Forest Elf in a greener background.

My vision of Forest Elves has them a bit more robust than “Highe Elves” (and I may call them something other than Forest Elves (I had thought of “Silvari” or “Silvani”).

All racial names are pretty much tentative as we’re building.

‘Highe Elf” guy.

‘Highe Elves’ are a whole lot less interested in brute force than magick. But they also brag that they’ve never been conquered. Doug said he gave this guy some kind of Warrior armour. It looks pretty good, but I’m guessing it’s not iron or steel. Maybe enchanted something or other.

Closer shot of the Highe Elf.

The ears are almost okay on this guy, Highe Elves or whatever I end up calling them do have the characteristic pointed ears, but not quite this pointed.


{{ Edit Early Morning September 8, 2012 Raining pretty hard up here near Ottawa…}}

After Both Doug and I thought the face above was a little too thin and weird looking, he went back and messed with the character a little more to come up with:

Highe Elf W/Face Fixed?

Doug widened this guy’s face and lengthened his nose and did a couple other things that make him a little less weird looking… I think so, anyway.


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Wednesday? September 5?

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012.

We’re not having the connectivity problems we had Yesterday. The latest characters From Doug are here…

Mer Guy In Under Water Sphere.

This is pretty darn close to what I was hoping for. Mer have large foreheads (Like Dophins, they can stun their prey…. If they really work at it.) and large chests (extra chambers in their lungs re-oxygenate their blood so they can stay underwater for up to an hour between gulps of air.)

Close up on the Mer Guy out of water 🙂

Mer are Psychic. They need to submerge, or at least be in water, preferably salt water, or they become dehydrated and go crazy.

I want them to have wild hair colours and styles. And I thought shimmering skin would be a good thing.

Mer Guy with the building for scale?

Did I mention that this guy looks like a show-off? Heck, He’s young and he spends a lot of his time swimming. Let him show off.


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More OF Doug’s People

Tuesday, Sept 4, 2012.

(Experiencing connectivity problems so I’ll add some of Doug’s people here.)

Ottarian Gal Crashing the Server?

Doug told me he was having problems getting all the way through character creation stuff, kept losing the connection. Here the woman has very pointed ears.

Ottarian Woman communing with nature.

Here she doesn’t have the pointed ears.

I should go find the close up, hang on…

Cropped, Closer view of the Ottarian Woman.

Yeah, well ya can’t see her ears that well here. The bow she’s wearing makes it difficult. (Or maybe I’m going blind?)

—More “Photos” on their way.



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Monday, Labour Day.

Monday, September 3, 2012. (Canadians put the “U” in labour.)

Ottarian Guy. Close Up.

This is the close up shot of Doug’s Ottarian Guy.

(Yeah, we know that the character modification stuff we have here has to be messed with before we go anywhere near live with it. & The clothing may have to be completely different.But this is a pretty good likeness. Maybe too cute.)

Ottarian Guy.

I thought I should pose all the racial characters I could beside the wall of this (place holding) building so you can see their different sizes (sort of).

Human Woman.

(This one is almost identical to one I’ve got ((with blue taste in similar clothing)) He said he didn’t change much, but did like the green eyes better than the light brown ones she came with.)

—More coming….



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Doug Arrived :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012. 25˚C / 77˚F @7:18 pm near Ottawa.

Doug’s First Builder Character, Aptly Named “Human Guy”.

Doug has been on the fringes of our development team since way before we were a team. But he was always too busy with other stuff to commit to joining us. Recently, on his vacation up here, he got a chance to watch over my shoulder and was impressed enough to groan and say, “Yeah, okay, I’m in-“. It took me a couple insanely busy days (busy with ‘Real World’ b.s. and trying to find time to search through old email) to find the procedure for signing him up and telling him where to go to download the blade etc.

And, when he opened it the first time, he ‘rolled’ himself a human bard (first option that popped up) and asked me how to change the colours and all that, (said he thought we should look like we were part of the same army or organization with similar uniforms?) Somehow he got he bard jacket to look like it’s velvet- (( & He said the first good look he got at the character after he fiddled with the facegen stuff reminded him of me when we met several years ago.)) ((“Except this guy has a really fat neck-” He couldn’t figure out how to fix that, but also didn’t want to mess with too many settings. He thought the character should remain about like this…))

Doug’s first screen shot.

This is the shot he said looked like me ( a couple years back…) His character is also wearing Ranger leg armour which he colourized. I thought he did a good job of trying to match the colours I’d used with my guys. He was impressed with the desert area and the sky above it. The sky is something I had nothing to do with. It’s there if you don’t select “use dynamic sky”.

— On other fronts, I managed to use the Seamless Link stuff successfully to stitch 4 areas together without blowing everything up. There are some quirks involved. I may have to create a couple extra small bits of heightmap to hide some weird effects at the joints where the heightmaps from different areas mesh and don’t want to become cleaned up easily.

Using “X-Ray vision” / peering through mountains— “Aangus on the case”.

This is what you see if you’re maneuvering around and have collision turned off. The little blue blip on the flat rocky area over there would be staring at a mountain side if he could see and was looking toward us here. The blue terrain in the distance is blue because the fog between here and there thought it should look blue. The odd bit of terrain that looks like a nasty arrow head pointing toward something just below the top left corner is a bit of terrain that hasn’t had the water stretched to cover it yet…

“Night Building”

This is a slightly different angle of the same section that Aangus was working on in the photo above this one. But here we’re working after dark, which looks pretty darn cool to me. Every now and then you need to stop and go “Oh wow- Look at this.”

And, while I’m welcoming Doug aboard, I should say that after he ran around and looked at everything his first official act was to add a crate to the Newbie Quest area (The crate would be a place holder where I want to put an open-able trunk.) The quest involved has a newbie swimming south of the main island to a smaller island and retrieving the spectacles that one of the NPC characters ‘left there’. Upon successfully completing this task the character will get a pat on the back and improve his or her swimming skills significantly. (Oh, Rock Trolls shouldn’t attempt this quest. The don’t float, can’t swim and can’t breath under water.) 🙂

~~~~~TaleRocker (Jim)

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