Ymmpses to the left of me…. Ymmpses to the right. Well, I guess I won’t die of boredome tonight…  (Grin your broadest silly grin.)

It’s a whole lot easier to imbed a wordpress page into a web page like the ones I usually create using dreamweaver, and the first page below is probably too complicated to copy and paste here, so I added it as links that will open a new page.

—I’m not sure all of these races will translate well to this world, or work at at all at first. I want to have some fairly precise control on the height of the flyers. Having nearly invisible semi-corporeal ‘Watchers’ may be quite a challenge.

But- anyway- Here we go:

First, we have a work sheet generated by SlashMUD, then heavily modified by me. Link:   Races of Aerendel Web Page <— That’s on a web page, where it’s been for several years. Last updated in July of 2010.

Next, a page with pencil sketched drawings and some height information: Racial Comparisons.

And, finally, a really primitive attempt with really old free graphics from Angelfire, I think I created that page using Netscape’s clunky old Creator stuff: First Attempt at a Races of Aerendel Page.

There’s more, but I have to sleep sometime. I need to go to work tonight. 

~~~until next time…



It’s 2012, let me insert some new stuff here, above the older stuff:

Human to the left, Half Elf to the Right

Getting to the point where we would modify the look and functionality of the character generation stuff is not at the top of my priority list. I tried to get a couple friends on board who (Like my cousin who studied evolutionary biology and is a computer artist) are probably better at actually creating the races than I am. So far I’ve gotten one more guy to jump in and he’s messing with characters as far as he can go without getting into the real nuts and bolts of the programme. (that’s coming…. ‘soon’…)

Delvahrian to the left, Ottarian to the right.

I probably better say stuff between the screenshots.

Ottarian to the left, Either a Khat or a Faax to the right.

It’s tough at this point to get one of the cat people to look like a fox person. (We really haven’t gotten deep into modifying the character generation stuff yet. This is a new guy, new on our team (Doug) who jumped right in and started messing with what comes preloaded with the Hero Blade World building software.) The tails are all black and the same thickness, the heads aren’t quite right. The necks are weird… but, it’s a start.

Is this a better angle?

(Not really a better shot, but you can see this minor quirk here, the hand goes right through the thing he’s holding.)

Half Elf (again) to the left, Gremlin to the right.

That’s actually pretty large for a Gremlin, but… the spirit is there…

Half Elf and Ymmp.

Ymmps are “made of spare parts” This is a pretty close example and it does have the tail. (Ymmp tails are supposed to be shorter and thicker, Strong enough so they can sit back on their tails and rock back and forth. They’re also something like 90% Mammal, 90% Reptile and 90% something (or everything) else. & they have 3 strands of dna. (they call it ‘TNA”).

I better quit here for now and get some sleep….


(It’s next time:) The captions didn’t always work right below, I’ll have to clean this up later.

Human / Half ElfThis would be a decent male Human or half elf.

Ottarian/Ottahrian in war paint?

Khatzen is another race name I have problems with, mainly the fact that ‘khat’ is an addictive drug that has enslaved lots of Africans. (Again, if you have a decent suggestion for a Name for the Cat-Person Race, let us know.)

~~~More Later~~

~~~~~Jim (Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 4:33 pm)

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