To Do List :

Thursday,  September 22, 2011 = 18˚C / 64˚F @ 10:00 am Eastern Time.

Things that have to be done, and not necessarily in the order that they might be tackled, or finished:

* Finish Shamrock Island. (Instead of one easy area like I thought it would be, it is now 5 areas. Possibly six.) (1) The original, very colourful, north ‘leaf’ is now going to be within the ‘Faer Kingdoms’, an alternate dimension. (2) The new northern leaf is decent looking and more like the real world? (3) The ‘Hub’ includes Absentia, which occupies the eastern ‘Leaf’. (4) The southern part (not quite a leaf) is the Harbour and the Museum. The Museum will have a lot going on and probably needs to be the only major thing going on in this area. Megrory’s Tavern will, of course, have its teleportation rooms, but other than that, be toned down here. (5) The Western ‘Leaf’ will have the underground “Hive” where those who want to be trouble makers will start out. (Ghardra, ((goblins)) will be in one section of a segregated cave/system of caves. Sectoids will be in another and Drax will be in a third. I may have to have a ghetto section for ‘others’ who want to be part of the Krim Alliance, Renegades of any race can apply. The Krim are always hungry for new… um recruits…. )   ((((( I’ve been mapping the hive in my head lately))))) -*There will be a desert ‘cap’ on the area. And places where evil things can escape from the Hive, but the guards are going to be mean and nasty and they don’t want escapees giving away their location. They will capture  and mangle any escapees they can, maybe wipe their memories with nasty spells and maybe teleport them into danger on the mainland. Newbie Krim quest might be satisfied when they escape and their reward may be a near death experience and a gut wrenching trip to a dangerous section of the haunted forest where ‘friendly’ locals may club them half to death and rob them of anything they have.

* Then I need to ‘stitch’ the island together, get all the seamless areas joined and all the connecting points functional.

* Birken has been started. The rest of the ‘Big world’ is still nebulously forming somewhere between imagination and the virtual world of 1’s and 0’s as the shapes left hanging in completed areas may have something to do with the shape of the rest of the mainland.

I think I mapped out the feel of the various areas in the posting about the big map and I think that carried over into the page on Maps. The page on Cities might also be true to what the various areas will be like.


**Museum. The museum will be “Carved out of Bedrock  by Delvahrians” I’m seeing very cathedral like shapes emerging as the crafty diggers/delvers want to be sure that the ground above the museum is not going to come crashing through the ‘ceiling’. Graceful curves and tastefully decorated pillars are the main theme with several towers popping up through the ground above for those who want to go exploring, need a bit of air or want to check out their new skills and talents or get to Megrory’s with a world class thirst.

**Megrory’s. My original idea for Megrory’s Taverns was that they pretty much all look alike. or very similar. Different bartenders, different denizens. The Tavern on Shamrock Island would be the smallest. Birken’s would be quite large. Freeport may have a protective cage around the bartender… but they all have teleportation chambers in the basement and they would all have something interesting out back. The lost road on Shamrock Island, Trail through rickety back alleys to the ‘Faer Market’ in Birken. The teleportation devices/portals are two way, so there will always be odd adventurers wandering up and down the stairs, and in and out the back doors. Sleepy guards will always be raising their eyebrows and yawning and going back to sleep when anybody that isn’t dangerous ‘ports’ in and wanders through.

*** The Anomaly itself. In some areas it will be an extended corridor with lots of doors that are locked too tight to open, and those that do open will open to unexpected pleasures and dangers. In Some places the anomaly will be a sandy floored basement or Cave. in others it will be the great outdoors, in still others it will be undersea domes of various sizes. The anomaly’s various rooms may connect in random fashion or may stick to a pattern for a while. There will be places where you step out into very alien landscapes. Man eating plants are not out of the question.

**I’m looking forward to seeing what our artists are coming up with. I remember thinking that Faaxen architects would have a penchant for blueish tudor buildings (blue cob, dark blue stained timbers.) Ursans were in love with curves, liked the idea of spherical buildings. Ymmps liked living in very strangely built buildings. If they weren’t strange on the outside, very strange things went on inside. Like you never knew when someone you flirted with years ago might come crashing through your ceiling and land on your couch.

&& The anomaly will be collecting artifacts of any culture it can imagine. After it became sentient, it began ‘listening in’ to those it protected’s dreams and wishes and tried very hard to make them come true. It may have altered the DNA of those inside it to ‘create’ or ‘modify’ the various races that emerged as ‘Faer Creatures’ Wings, minor shape shifters… Faer Elves, Dhalggers, Dryads, Satyrs? Sprites???

***** Wounded NPCs. This shouldn’t be hard. I got it to work in Applesoft Basic. (shhhh-) Whatever their apparent race would be the wounded NPCs will be unable to regenerate health on their own. They have one or two desperate moves left, or spells ready and will be able to kill any idiot who thinks they’re an easy target. In the Basic version, they all had 5 hit points left and when they were restored to 30 they would sit up or stand up and thank their healers and insist the healer accept something, a family heirloom weapon that they realized they’d never be able to use very well, a purse of random coins and maybe gems, but something. and they would hobble off to complete their healing somewhere else.

***** Rabid Grizzly. This guy may be a high level Druid or an actual bear, nobody knows, but he’s sick. And Newbies are told to keep an eye out for him. Do not attack him, he will kill you in one swipe of his powerful claws. If he doesn’t quite kill you, you’ll have rabies and that will not be pleasant. If you try to heal him, he will appreciate that. He will look you in the eyes and lead you to a log where he will knock the log aside and reveal a cache of weapons and treasure and then he will wander off. I had a Katana in the bundle of weapons that would energize and impart wisdom and intelligence to its user and had a bigger damage bonus than any of the other weapon in the game. (fun thing, my uncle played once and he thought the Claymore was a land mine, not a humungous sword with deadly metallic rays coming out on the business side of the cross piece that guarded the hilt.)

Let’s see if this is enough for today.

~~~~~Jim (10:54 am) (NPCs added 11:11 am)

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