Sunday, January 13, 2013….

Kaelyn, in the rain-

Kaelyn, in the rain-

Hi, let’s see how copy and paste are doing….

(((—Ack, not so good- I had to go back in and add all the paragraph breaks. grumble grumble grumble…. )))

Sunday, January 13, 2013. 4˚C / 39˚F @ 2:30 pm. Well, hubbudah.

Here we are, 13 days into the year 2013 and gaaaaa- I have no idea what that means.

Let’s see, I’ve been crashed out of my world building (game creating) software three times this morning- no, four times. I’m trying to get the edges of 4 smallish areas to mesh so when the game goes live nobody will be running around, minding their own business, then wooosh, they fall right through the world and are lost forever, drifting, falling ever down down down through the deepest lost hells of virtual nothing-ness.

Right now, Kaelyn, my newest builder character. is trying to stand still in the air a couple feet above the ground, because the world is meshing in the back ground and taking forever to do so, and the last thing I did was smooth the slope beneath her feet. Every minute or so the server does its adjustment and reports back, rewriting data to the repository. And the last thing it will do is save the information about the hill she was standing on and she will drop a couple of feet, land without hurting herself and I’ll know that all the very complex routines have taken their course and I can go back in and do some further modifications without losing these critical changes I just made. (changes I’ve partially lost several times already.)

Would your gaming experience be spoiled if you realized that the solid ground your characters are standing on is less than a pixel thick? I’m looking at very solid looking rocky ground that I ‘created’ here and the illusion is pretty darned good if you ask me. I’m continually amazed at how good this world looks. And I am nowhere near finished. I’m also amazed at how good the characters look and these are just demo characters, I still have to learn the deep down ins and outs of how to define what any game subscribers will be able to get and how much they will be able to modify their characters.

Kaelyn’s supposed to look like a half elf. She does. She looks Irish. But the joke has been, “What do you call a good looking blond in Ireland?” “A tourist” And she’s beautiful. (slightly pointed ears and all) ((And she’s still hovering a couple feet above the virtual ground she should be standing on.))


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