The Anomaly


   The Anomaly (Sometimes referred to as the ‘Aerendel Anomaly’) was created by a team of very powerful ‘god-like’ beings during the ‘Last Wars of Magic’, when it looked like the ‘Children of Light’ and ‘The Brotherhood’ [*See Mythology] were locked into a struggle that could, possibly, bring the existence of the Material Universe to a ‘premature’ end. Shanti [*See Mythology] cried out for help, recruited members of the Original Generation of the First Race [*Mythology] and many of her stronger Spiritual friends.

   Together, they created a small-ish Dimension which could open ‘Wild Portals’ into any Physical World and could also connect with any time (within this Cycle of Creation) (Which, in our dimension, should span several billion centuries ((at least)).) Strong willed members of the First Race who knew of the Anomaly would be able to summon, establish, and hold a portal in place for as long as they wanted.  The plan was, if the universe was brought to the brink of premature oblivion, Shanti and her Friends would jump to this Anomaly, open portals to any world where they knew life existed, run around and grab as many living life forms as they could, escape back into the Anomaly, open a portal way back near the beginning of time (in this Cycle) and find hospitable worlds where they could nurture the innocent lives their militant contemporaries had threatened.  (They had no idea how many people and animals they could save, but they were willing to die trying to save as many as they could.)

    You may have noticed, the universe did not end several thousand years ago.

   Nobody who helped create the Anomaly actually forgot about it- but, over the course of several thousand years, most of them became distracted with one thing or other… Any one of them who may have suffered the trauma of death and/or rebirth may be hard pressed to remember details from a previous incarnation (especially if they are now living under the depressing, hypnotic effects of this Physical Universe).

    And so the Anomaly took on a life of Her own. The Anomaly learned how to grow, how to absorb bits and pieces of other dimensions, how to offer refuge to all sorts of creatures in danger.

    Evolution on this planet (called ‘Chiyella’ by most Sprites) (and, in turn, by most other inhabitants of the planet) took a few interesting twists and turns when ‘lower’ animals wandered into a safe looking cave and wandered out several thousand years before they were born. Most, if not all, of the ‘Furry’ races of Chiyella owe their accelerated sentience to the Anomaly.

[*When the dedicated BBSes are up and flying you can read all about the views held by various members of various races concerning the genesis of themselves and other races.  For instance: Ghardra, even High Ghardra and some Arch Ghardra firmly believe that the Khatzen are a race of lesser demons who rebelled against their keepers and fought their way back to our universe from the depths of hell.  The Ghardra can think of no other explanation for the ‘fact’ that Khatzen are ‘immune’ to their potent fear spells. Khatzen feel the fear, it just effects them differently- it inspires them to fight harder to protect themselves and their families.]

    But anyway. The Anomaly is still there. And She’s still active. From the point of view of those who believe they are aligned with ‘The Light’, the ‘Forces of Darkness’ are continually trying to infiltrate and use the Anomaly to their own advantage. Outbursts of activity by ‘Metal Demons’ (Robots Programmed to kill, some of them with very life-like features) in times like the Chiyellan Bronze age, may be evidence that the ‘Forces of Darkness’ have gained (or will gain) at least a toehold within the Anomaly.

    One curious fact about the Anomaly is Her ability to either absorb or create buildings, whole towns and cities, within herself. There are sections of the Anomaly that appear to be one huge corridor in an immense castle- complete with furnishings. In other areas of the Anomaly you could be walking down a corridor that looks like any twentieth/twenty first century Earth institution, even an office building- open a door and be face to face with a rampaging dinosaur.

    Many areas of the Anomaly are completely deserted (and almost spooky, in that there are all sorts of artifacts and evidence of life all around, but there is no one there. And there may never have been anyone there). Other areas are densely populated. Rangers, patrolling the Anomaly have stumbled upon entire communities that may have existed within the Anomaly for thousands of years, unaware of any other Reality beyond the strange boundaries of their small universe.

    The entire compendium of the ‘Faer Kingdoms’ (‘Faery Land’ to those of us who’ve never been there) as extensive as they are, may be one small section of an ever expanding Anomaly.

    Generations of the ‘Uncorruptibles’ (Faaxen Guard) have patrolled the sections of the Anomaly (they call it ‘The Corridor’) which, rumours have it, can be entered from secret rooms in sub-basements in and around Aerendel Castle.


   Wild Portals can appear anywhere, and at any time. Be careful if you feel the urge to jump through one, you never know where and/or when you might end up. You may never find your way back to where-ever you are now.


   If you happen to stumble upon anyone who looks incredibly lost, there is a decent chance that that person was strolling along in his or her own world, minding their own business, and either stumbled into a wild portal or had a wild portal envelope them and transport them here.


See also: History & Mythology

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