TaleRocker~DreamCat Creations is registered in Ontario, Canada.

TaleRocker as a human?

TaleRocker (a.k.a. Jim) is the Head Tyrant in Charge of this project. He’s been developing this game/world since 1991, & was writing about the world and it’s concepts before that (before he saw the potential of role playing games).

DreamCat is the Lead Artist and I better let her introduce herself here, if I describe something wrong she’ll scratch my eyes out.

Dave ( Red Duke) is probably going to be a GM He has joined the team and is actively building Areas. We like his ideas.

Charles (Travis? Don’t know who he was last time I checked) will probably be another GM, although he might also be doing some coding.

I promised the rest of the gang I wouldn’t embarrass them by telling the world they’re on board until they’re sure this project with this software package really is as elegant and easy to work with as I said it was.

~~~~~ Jim


Below is DreamCat’s Introduction in the HeroEngine Forums:  (As usual, she was being modest and not bragging about her skills.)  :


DreamCat (Or one vision of her)

Re: Developer Introductions (Renamed from Introduction II)

« Reply #21 on: August 10, 2011, 09:37:17 PM »

Gidday from the Ottawa Valley…I am Dreamcat, the younger and prettier   half of Talerocker~Dreamcat Creations.  I am, so far lol, the chief artist for Aerendel.

I am an artist in the sense that I paint and had paintings on show when I was in Mississauga (before babies got in the way) and illustrate – one of my works in this regard is sketches for a books of life essays and also for a book of poetry I published.  By way of formal training, I took a course in Animation at Algonquin College some years ago.

I am a published author of short stories, poetry and one novel (under my pen name Geneve Blue – the novel is called I Ching Jukebox and is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu.com).  I have another novel in the middle of final formatting prior to publishing called Off Air.

I have been studying part time towards a degree in Computer Science at Athabasca University and have taken courses in Java, Unix and am starting one in web programming in Javascript.  I was a web master at work for a number of years and have my own web site http://www.cathisplace.ca.

My full time job involves things governmental where I am currently the functional expert and module lead on an Oracle Financials project in the Purchasing module.

And I think this is nearly a novel so that’s it for now  ….Cathi

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